ताजा खबर:
पुननिर्माण सँगै मुहार फेर्दै राइनासकोट लमजुङमा अब ब्यक्तीगत घटना दर्ता अनलाइनबाट अदुवाले उचित बजार नपाउँदा पूर्वी लमजुडका किसान चिन्तीत, ग्राहकको पर्खाइमा किसान लमजुङमा नेकपा एमाले र माओबादी केन्द्रविच सहकार्य लमजुडमा प्रधानमन्त्री कृषि आधुनिकीकरण परियोजना अन्र्तगतका काम धमाधम संचालन हुदै गिलुङका ग्रामिण महिलाका लागि निशुल्क स्वास्थ्य शिविर संचालन, ७७ महिला लाभान्वीत वृद्धाले कविता मै पोखे, जेष्ठ नागरिकका पिडा राधी विद्युतको ४ लाख १० हजार कित्ता आइपीओ खुला बेसीशहरस्थित आदर्श बालगृहका चारजना बालबालिकालाई परिवारमा पुनस्थापना, खिन्चोक छाउनी कप फुटबल प्रतीयोगिताको उपाधी सेभेनलक्की युवा क्लब हिलेबजारको पोल्टामा
अहिले प्रसारणमा :
महिला आवाज
केहि छिनमा :
मस्र्याङदी समाचार

  The Center for Community Development and Communication (CCDC) is a non-political and nonprofit social organization registered in the District Administration Office (Registration No. 502/063/064) and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council (Affiliation No. 20357). It is registered in the Inland Revenue Office Pokhara holding Permanent Account Number (PAN 302344204).

CCDC initiated its first project – the founding of Community Radio Marsyangdi 95 with the aim of supporting the socio-economic development of the district of Lamjung. The radio is the first community radio station in the district and was established on the 14th April 2006 (1st Baishakh 2064).

Objectives of the radio

Community Radio Marsyangdi 95 promotes the voice of the local community through interactive communication and is committed to giving its audience a feeling of ownership. It broadcasts community sensitive programmes based on public interest and demand, and broadcasts news, entertainment, educational programmes and interactive programmes. Its main objectives are:

·         To initiate dialogues at the local level on democratic processes, constituent assembly and social inclusion;

·         To provide local communities with the right to information, broadcast to them in their own language;

·         To act as a bridge between local authorities and the public for a two-way dialogue to help in the process of peace building;

·         To empower and inform women, dalit communities, indigenous peoples, children, the disabled, and senior elders on their problems and their basic rights, and to help them for meaningful empowerment through special activities in their communities;

·         To broadcast public-interest notices and information;

·         To advocate and lobby for gender equality in communities and at different levels of decision-making, both in government and in the private sector.

 Coverage Area

 All the VDCs of Lamjung and some VDCs of 10 districts.

    History, Current Status and Programmes of Radio Marsyangdi


Radio Marsyangdi was started by a group of young and committed campaigners in Lamjung at the end of 2006 (2063). Many meetings and interactions were held to conceptualize the radio’s mission and objectives, involving different stakeholders and hundreds of people in and around Lamjung.

Initial funds for the radio were raised through the "One Hundred Rupee Campaign": at the Lamjung festival in 2006 (2063 B.S) community members were asked to donate 100 NRs each to assist in building the foundations of the radio. The campaign was highly successful, raising 32,000 NRs and building valuable awareness of the radio.

Community Radio Marsyangdi began its broadcasting (on-air) on the 14th April 2007 (on the auspicious occasion of Nepali New Year’s day, the 1st Baishakh 2064). The radio started its broadcasting for 4 hours daily, from a temporary studio.

 Progress and Current Status

Listeners’ participation is continuously increasing and the radio is becoming more and more popular. Today the radio is transmitting for 17 hours daily, from 5.30am to 10.30pm. Our offices are now in Tamu Sangralaya , Besishahar- 2, Lamjung, with two professional studios for broadcasting. The radio broadcasts 7 local news bulletins with Gurung and Tamang language, and more than 70 radio programmes focusing on informative programmes, interviews, talk shows, a radio magazine and musical/entertainment programmes.

 The radio’s time is managed to broadcast programmes on child rights, women’s rights, indigenous cultures, handicapped people, dalit communities, business, tourism, literature, climate change, earthquake, solar energy, cooperative education and health education. We are involving local people’s voices through SMS polls, radio reports, live interviews, vox pop and live programmes. In addition to this, the radio is doing interactive programmes on contemporary politics, development, peace building and other current affairs. Most of the radio’s programmes are based on the local context, language, culture and social values.

 To cover both national and international news we are coordinating with Community Network Information (CIN), the BBC, Ujyalo 90 Network, Antenna Foundation Nepal and Equal Access.  Radio Marsyangdi can listen to - www.radiomarsyangdi.org.

 List of Programmes

             1. News

2. Interaction/Interviews

3. Radio Features

4. Radio Dramas, Radio Magazine

5. Educational and informative programmes

5. Music

6. Public Notices

7. Story Telling

 Organizational Structure
The radio is run by a Management Committee of 15 committee members, and an advisory committee. There are currently 12 full-time and 20 part-time staff.

कार्यक्रम तालिका
भुकम्पीय सुरक्षा 7.00PM - 7.30PM सयपत्री साँझ 8.30PM - 8.45PM विविसि नेपाली सेवा 8.45PM - 9.15PM संझनाको डायरी 9.15PM - 10.00PM मस्र्याङदी समाचार 6.30PM - 7.00PM नेपाल दर्पण 8.00PM - 8.30PM » सबै हेर्नुहोस्